Neat Little Boxes

Humans love to label and categorize things, including people. We do this in dozens of ways, from simple descriptions like introvert and extrovert to intensive psychological tests. Personally, I have taken temperament analysis tests and drawn out my thinking related to animals. All of these are simply an attempt to get to know people better. If we can label people, we hope to understand their behavioral patterns and predict future encounters.

Unfortunately, no one fits into the neat little boxes we create. Everyone has a unique experience and personality. No two people are alike, no two situations are the same, and no one can accurately predict what will happen in any encounter. 

It is even more complicated when we add the “God factor.” People who believe in God understand that he can empower a person, and they can become an entirely new creation.

How would things be different if we got to know people instead of labeling them? What would happen if we looked past how others classified people and tried to get to know the wonderfully unique person that God created?

People will often defy our logic and break through all our categories, which is what makes them worth knowing. People desperately want to be fully understood by others, but that can only happen if we accept their individuality and forget their labels.   


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