Like Jesus

The older man had a sign that he was carrying around. He had another one taped to the outside of the small suitcase he was pulling behind him. Later in the parking lot, I saw his car. It had the same sign hanging in both back windows of his vehicle – one man with four different signs and all with the same message. 

“Treat Everyone Like Jesus.”

I do not know the backstory. I could not quickly find anything about it on social media. There were no explanations, brochures, video links, or sermons: just an elderly man and his signs.

I have been thinking about him for days now. I wish I had taken the time to talk to him. I wish I had invited him out for a meal or coffee. I wish I had asked his story and why he carried the sign. I wish I had gotten to know him so that I could tell you the rest of the story.   

Unfortunately, I was too busy. I was rushing from one thing to another: so much to do and so little time to finish it. I saw him standing there and walked by without hesitation. A quick mental note about the sign and on with my day.

In reflection, I thought Jesus would have probably stopped and talked to him. Sadly, I am no Jesus; then again, maybe that is not the point. Perhaps he was Jesus to me that day. But who has time to think about that?


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