The Church is Cheering for You

As this person walked to the stage to speak, a small group applauded. However, the person had not said anything to garner the cheers of the audience, so at first; I was confused. Then as they started talking, it began to make sense; this group of people had shown up in support of the speaker as they attempted to do something unfamiliar to them for Christ.

After a young person had spoken one Sunday morning, several people said something similar after worship. They all complemented this person’s bravery to stand up and speak for the first time. It was clear that they were nervous, and honestly, it was a hurried speech, but everyone I talked to was very supportive.

It was their first time leading worship. It didn’t all go smoothly, but it went okay for their first attempt. When they finished, I watched as the remaining people on the worship team went up one by one and expressed their appreciation for them stepping out and being a leader.

Christians often get nervous at the prospect of doing something new for the Lord. What will people say? What if it doesn’t go well? What if I fail miserably and make a fool of myself? What if I am an embarrassment to the kingdom of God? These concerns and fear keep us from stepping out in faith and trying something for God’s glory.

In all my years of ministry, I have only seen support and encouragement when a person stands up in the faith. Church people are genuinely excited about this step of faith and praying for the best. Oh sure, a few fringe people and outsiders might criticize, but mature Christians are cheering for them. I often say that the most supportive group of people you will ever address are those in the Church.

Too many people stand on the sidelines of faith, waiting to use their gift because they fear how others will react. I am here to tell you we are all here cheering for you.


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