Changing A World

When I started as a Christian, I dreamed of changing the world.

I wanted to lead a big organization, start a global movement, rally people to a cause and do something that would make the world take notice. I wanted to be the next Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, Albert Schweitzer, or Martin Luther King Jr.  Better yet; I would like to be them all rolled into one.

Somewhere along the way, I realized I was none of those people. No one knew my name, and very few noticed my accomplishments. My life was going to be lived in obscurity no matter how hard I worked to make a difference.

For some people, that realization might be the opportunity to quit. I could give up my efforts to change the world and spend my days focused on myself. No one else cares about me, so why not devote my days to caring for myself?

Instead, I realized that while I might not be able to change THE world, I do have the opportunity to change A world. I could help someone, anyone, experience the love of Jesus. I could attempt to improve one person’s life through my efforts. I cannot help everyone, but I can help someone. 

Changing the world is a grand dream few realize; changing a world is something all of us can do.


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