Gas Stations and Churches

It was a gas station explicitly designed with semi-drivers in mind. First, the parking lot was huge, with an extra area in the back so they could park all night when needed. There were also big bathrooms with plenty of stalls for those required road breaks. Next to the bathrooms were showers where the drivers could get clean on long trips. Literally everything inside the store made it clear that this gas station was created for trucker drivers. Unsurprisingly, the place was packed with little room remaining the night I stopped.

When the Church says it exists to reach lost people for Jesus, I often wonder if that is true. It seems that if you wanted to reach people far from God, you would design everything to help them take their next step.

Unfortunately, most Churches only give lip service to the idea of reaching new people for Jesus. This is seen in how they design their building, the programs they provide, and how everything happens each Sunday. Everything is geared toward the already converted.

I believe the Church should be a light in each community where they exist. One way to shine that light is to design things in the Church so that people can see the light without having to squint. 


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