My Biggest Regrets in Life

Sometimes it is good to stop and reflect on life. I suppose I have been doing that a lot more lately as I face my father’s mortality. I have been rethinking my 44 years and trying to make some course adjustments for the next 40 years. Upon reflections I have seen some of the biggest mistakes I have made.

1. Not Making Small Investments Daily
I really wish I had made a daily habit to read my bible, pray, write something and read a book when I was young. All of these things I have done as I have gotten older and I am amazed at how much I have accomplished. All I can think is why didn’t I do this 20 years earlier?

2. Not Enjoying the Moment
This is hard for everyone. There is always the next class, the next project, the next child, the next job, the next this and the next that. As a result we, at least me, it is rare that I stop and enjoy this moment. I wish I was able to take time each day and stop to enjoy my life. I am so blessed. I have to remember daily to put the phone down, put the camera away, shut my mouth and just enjoy the blessings of that moment.

3. Placing Value on Things Over Experiences
I wish I had taken my money and done more with it. Through the years I have bought cassettes and then Compact Disks. None of which are in my possession any more. I wish I had taken that money and took a friend to a concert. And that is just one example of poor purchasing. I wish I had traveled more. I wish I had taken that year off of college to serve on a mission field. I wish I had done so much more than collect boxes of junk.

4. Letting Sin Win in My Life
I am not going to be real specific on here, but I will tell you that I have made 3 or 4 colossal mistakes in my life. All of them happened when I stepped outside of God’s will and tried to live life on my own terms. I let my flesh win and I quickly regretted that decision. There are some decisions I wish I had never made, but thanks be to God, “I am forgiven.”

The good news is that God gave us today. We do not have to live with regrets as the dominant emotion in our life. I love that line, “Morning by morning, new mercies I see.” I can get up each day and start fresh. I can get up today and do things better than yesterday. It is one thing to live with some regrets, it is another to let them define you.

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