The Best Decisions I Have Made In My Life

Yesterday I explored the idea of my biggest regrets in life. While I have made some mistakes in life I have also made some good decisions. Here are some of the best decisions:

1. Following Jesus
By far the best decision of my life has been confessing Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Through the years God has directed my life while offering me grace for all those mistakes. He has blessed me, challenged me and forced me to be a better person. His grace has met all my needs.

2. Marrying My Wife
The second biggest decision anyone makes is who they marry. For me I was blessed to find a woman who also follows Jesus. She has been a blessing to my life and my ministry. As my professor told me at college, “I really married above myself.”

3. Never Fearing Change
My wife and I have spent 22 years living the adventure of following Jesus together. We have changed Churches, homes, states and habits. Our worship style has changed, my preaching has changed and our friends have changed. We have experienced all kinds of wonderful activities and met lots of wonderful people. Being willing to change has helped us live this great adventure with God to the full.

4. Telling People I Love Them Regularly
I try not to let a day go by that I do not tell the people in my life that I love them. I try to tell my parents, my children and my wife. Over the years I have lost a lot of people and I have always wondered how they felt about me. I never want anyone to wonder about me and my feelings for them.

5. Taking Time to Laugh Everyday
I take time to enjoy everyday. I read comic strips, read funny stories, listen to comedians and watch funny shows. Most of my life is very serious and I deal with issues of eternity. I help struggling people while trying to point them to Jesus. I pray, I study and I spend time thinking about God. I always need to be reminded of joys in life and not just the struggles. I need to smile and experience light moments that make life more pleasant. A preacher I know likes to say that being able to laugh is the surest sign of grace in your life. I think he is right.

I have made thousands of other decisions through the years and some of them have also worked out well. But these big decisions have guided my life and made me the person I am today. I hope and pray your life is filled with good decisions that bring you grace, joy and happiness all of your days.

One thought on “The Best Decisions I Have Made In My Life

  1. #2 I like to use the term “outkicked my coverage” when describing my wife. I also like to joke to younger guys “Sorry…I got the last of the good ones.”

    Love reading your blog.

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