My Dreams for the Future

This week I have look at my regrets and my best decisions. I want to finish this train of thought by writing about my dreams for the future. Here are some of my goals, hopes and dreams if the Lord allows me to live long enough.

1. Spiritual Growth – I want to continue making daily deposits in my life through Bible reading and prayer. I really want to know not just the Bible better, but know God better. I want to understand deep theology and be able to explain it. I want to teach and answers questions from a clear understanding of our Creator and Redeemer.

2. Church Development – I always want to lead a Church that is growing both numerically and spiritually. I pray that God will make it clear to me when I am standing in the way of growth and what I can do to help it. More specifically I would love to connect with other independent Christian Churches in rural America. I would love to build a network that would allow Churches like mine in small communities to work together for the growth of God’s kingdom.

3. Family Development – One of my biggest dreams is to see my children grow up to follow Jesus as adults. I want them to serve in their local Church and lead congregations with love and authority. It is not enough for me to say that “they believe in Jesus.” I want my children to follow Jesus with their lives and into their Churches and into their marriages and then into their families. I want to see the faith that I hold so dear living in my children and grandchildren.

4. Professional Life – I have always had a dream to write a book. Some preachers take a sermon series and turn it into a book. Other people take their blog and turn it into a book. I have thought about both, but they seem to really shortcut the whole writing process. I want to set down and write a full book that is worth reading from the beginning to the end. I have a list of topics I want to write about and one day I hope to have time to get it done.

5. Personal Life – I want to travel. I would love to see all 50 states before I die. I have been to about half already. I believe God has created a world filled with beauty and majesty and I would love to see as much as I am able. I also hope I am able to do it with my wife and maybe even my children.

Honestly, I think that life needs to be lived in three directions. We need to look back and learn from our experiences even if they were not all good. We need to look around and live out of strong convictions right now. Finally, we need to look to the future and have dreams for the days that God has given us. This week I have explored some of my thoughts with you. I hope they have inspired you and challenged you. I hope you will create your own lists and that your future will be bright as you live in the light of God’s grace.


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