Let It Go

It is hard to embrace good things in life when you are holding onto bad.

Let go of your guilt and shame
All of us have failed. Some of us have failed in big ways. It was public enough that other people know about it. It is embarrassing. You feel shame. You know you were wrong and you feel guilty. Run to grace and let it go.

Let go of your pride and arrogance
You might find yourself on the opposite side of the issue. You have no real guilt or shame and you are happy to let others know it. You feel self-confident and would never allow yourself to be less than perfect. Your pride is also your downfall. You can’t sympathize with weakness. You are demanding. You are self-centered. Your quest for perfection has left you feeling smug… and alone. Face the truth and let it go.

Let go of your anger and hurt

Your struggle is not just about you. Someone said something. Someone did something. And in their words and actions you were hurt. How could they have done that? It hurts. The natural response to being hurt is to go one of two possible directions. You can be crushed spiritually or you could get angry. Most people let their hurt simmer long enough that anger is the main byproduct. You have all these open wounds that whenever someone gets close you lash out for fear of being hurt again. Fill your mind with forgiveness and let it go.

Let go of whatever is holding you back. Empty your heart, mind and soul of the evil that keeps pulling you down. Let it go. Open up your mind. Say you are sorry. Offer forgiveness. Embrace grace. Put away your selfish pride. Let it go. Let go so that you can grab ahold of something better. The only person you are hurting is yourself.


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