It is Only a Problem

If you do not address the issue.

Everyone has issues. We all encounter setbacks, struggles, unexpected challenges, disappointments, detours, disagreements, derailments, and problems. These things throw all of us out of our usual patterns of thought and behavior.

These things happen in our jobs, with our children, while dealing with our parents, and even in our marriages. They come at us out of the blue and changed our outlook.

The key to a happy life is learning to address the issues. When something happens, we cannot sweep it under the rug and ignore it. We must face it head-on and handle it. Talk it out, even if the conversation is hard. Make the necessary changes. Find a different road and move forward in confidence.

Right now, I can bet you have one issue in your life that is driving you crazy. It keeps you up and night while you toss and turn. You dread the thought of the confrontation it brings. With every day you leave it alone, it gets bigger and more frightening.

I know you do not want to deal with it because you are scared, tired, and worry about the outcome. The harsh reality is that the only way to conquer it is to address it. Maybe today is the time to get the monkey off your back and get things headed the right direction again.

It is only a problem if you do not address it.

So why not today?

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