Vacation Living

Recently, my wife, one of my sons, and I went on vacation to the beach.  It was a glorious week of relaxation, good food, taking in the sights, and enjoying each day.  Each evening we went to the beach to watch the sunset.  One morning we rose early to see the sunrise.  It was five days in paradise that I am thankful to have enjoyed.

When the week was over, we had the typical dread of returning to our old lives.  Normal means the days are packed full, and there is little time to enjoy each day’s pleasures. 

This has me wondering if it is possible to bring a little bit of vacation living to every single day. How would our lives be different if we took time each day to be thankful and enjoy the moment?  What if we watched the sunset or the sunrise?  Would our perspective be different if we went to a local attraction and looked at it as a person on vacation?

One of the beautiful parts of the Bible is the Psalms. It is a book of poetry and songs that reflect the majesty of God in this world. I imagine David as a shepherd boy sitting quietly in the hills watching the world unfold before him. Then, he takes out a pen and writes words after watching the red sky in the evening as the sun melts into the horizon like, “the fool has said in his heart there is no God.”  I mean, when you have seen beauty and colors like that, there is no doubt that there is someone beyond this world. 

Maybe vacation living is about recapturing a bit of Eden.  It is taking time to notice God in the every day. Perhaps he has revealed himself all around us, but we must slow down to see it. 

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