Acceptable Lies

Every Sunday morning, I ask people, “How are you today?” 

The usual responses greet me, “I am fine” or “Just fine” or “All is well” or “I’m good.”  Everyone seems so happy and has it all together. 

That is until something happens. You get to know that person, or something hidden becomes public. Then, suddenly you find out that they were not fine or doing good. 

Why do we share these lies? Why is it acceptable to tell people utter fabrications?

One reason is that no one wants to be “that person.”  No one wants to be the person who dumps all their garbage on you with a simple question. No one wants to be perceived as the constant complainer. So we smile and say our happy words.

While it may be acceptable to say these types of lies to strangers, each one of us needs someone with whom we can share our struggles. We need to find a safe place or a safe person where we can open up about our sins and insecurities. To grow in the Lord, we are required to have people who will call us out on our lies and force us to speak the truth. 

This is not a post encouraging you to lie; rather, it is one calling you to find a place to speak the truth. If you don’t discover it, you will eventually begin to believe your own lies and develop other acceptable sins. 

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